Tips to Help You Remember to Take Your Medication

It’s important you take the correct amount of medication prescribed. To avoid over or under using the medication you can try the following;

Set a reminder alarm.

Ask a friend/family member to remind you. They could

  • Setting a reminder alarm on their mobile phone.
  • Making a telephone call to them as a prompt to remind them to take their medication.
  • Printing a visual aid, such as a poster and posting this to them.
  • Filling up a compliance aid, if you feel comfortable and confident in doing it.

Make up your own pill box (compliance aid).

Keep your medication in a prominent place (next to kettle).

Ask your pharmacy for a Medication Administration Record (MAR) chart and the use of visual aids.

Prescription Charges and Exemptions

Extensive exemption and remission arrangements to protect those likely to have difficulty in paying charges (NHS prescription and dental charges, optical and Hospital travel costs).

The NHS prescription charge is a flat-rate amount which successive Governments have thought it reasonable to charge for those who can afford to pay for their Medicines. Prescription repayment certificates (PPCs) offer real savings for people who need extensive medication.

For further information about prescription exemptions and fees visit NHS website.