Test Results

Obtaining your results

Most results are reported after one week.

Patients should appreciate that due to confidentiality results will only be given to the person concerned.

The doctor writes a short note on the computer for every test that you have. When you ring for your result the receptionist can pass on this message. Please do not ask the receptionists to try and interpret results for you. They are not qualified to do so and can only tell you what the doctor has authorised.

If the result of an investigation needs discussing urgently we will advise you of this. All other communications should be considered “routine” and staff can help you to make an appropriate appointment.

If the clinical team would like to discuss the results with you they may contact you by phone, post or text message (if you have consented to this).

Results of tests and investigations can also be viewed on SystmOnline. In order to use this facility you must have a username and password. Please speak with one of our receptionists if this is something you are interested.